Welcome to the 2012 Time Portal!

Welcome to the 2012 Time Portal!

This “Worldkind.us” project is a global experiment!   It could also be called “new zeropoint 2012!” or even better yet, “A New Day One!” - for that is where it is leading us.  We are being invited to re-invent ourselves within a new relationship to time!  Natural time!  - based on a science that measures time “infinitly” in all directions, cosmic in design, harmonized, balanced, synchronized and unified.  Now is the perfect time for such an opportunity to meet up with us at this chaotic and confusing time on our planet.

Just as the “physical world” is the natural realm or domain of the body and it’s dimensional relationship with other people, places and things, ”time” is the natural realm or domain of the mind. Our experiences, everything that happens, past/present/future is reflected in the way we perceive time – wasting time! what is my time worth? value is set on how fast production is,   Winners are fastest!   Together the material world and time create how a person’s reality is experienced.  They reflect on each other.  When there is order in the domain of time, there is order in the physical domain, and when the perception of time is “out of synch” with natural time, as is the present use of the Gregorian calendar, the same chaos is reflected in the physical world, much like the chaos we perceive in our world today.

ENTER, Maya cosmology!  It offers us a brilliant “time system” that has been called “the great idea”.  It is a natural time system synchronized and unified within itself and in harmony with the physical world of our experience.  We believe that it holds the possibility of transforming the chaotic world “as we know it” into the world “as it is designed to be”.

This is only an experiment. Each of us can choose to participate.  It could change everything. Perhaps it’s just what you’ve been looking for!  We will never know unless we allow it to show us!   It may be the key for us to unlock a new understanding of the Universe.

If you need help with these concepts, have a further interest in Maya cosmology or to convert Gregorian dates there are many resources on the world wide web.  I have found the website diagnosis2012 to be very helpful.  Give it a try!  Or contact me, Gary Culp – enjoy!

email: gary2012newzeropoint@yahoo.com
Phone in US – 215 693 4157
In Mexico: (vonage) 530 725 0931

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  1. Garuda says:

    That Diagnosis 2012 is an awesome site… really, but couldn’t find a calculator…

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